Frequently asked Questions

Land Lease & Home Ownership

What is a land lease?

Land leases are an arrangement where you own your own home but lease the land the home is built on. All site agreements are regulated by the Residential (Land Lease) Communities Act 2013.

Will I have to pay stamp duty on the purchase price?

No. The purchase of the home within a land lease community is exempt from stamp duty.

Will I retain the full capital gain when I sell my home at Tallowood?

Yes. You retain 100% of the capital gain, less resort or agent’s sale commissions.

(i.e – No deferred management fees)

Do I own the land on which my home sits?

No. The operator (or a related entity) owns the land (which you lease) and you own the home.

Can I grant a mortgage over my home or site?

No. You cannot mortgage or otherwise offer security over your site. You are free to offer other forms of security if you require financial assistance for the purchase of your home.

Can I lodge a caveat against the title of the site?

No. Your site agreement states that you must not lodge a caveat against the title of your site.

Can I rent my home out?

No. Only the persons listed on the site agreement can reside in your home.

Can I sell my home and transfer the site lease?

Yes. During the term of your site agreement, you can sell your home provided the operator consents to the sale and enters into a new site agreement with the purchaser of your home. The operator must act reasonably in this regard.

What happens to my home should I pass away?

Your home will form part of your estate assets (or the estate assets of the last surviving homeowner). Your beneficiaries can either reside in the community, if they meet the criteria, or sell your home.

What land-based costs do I pay?

As your site agreement is a lease, you do not have to pay land-based costs such as council rates, water rates, strata or body corporate fees and land tax.

What does my site fee cover?

Your site fee includes your use of the land on which your home sits,
maintenance of roads in the community, communal gardens and provision of resort activities/facilities.

What other expenses will I be responsible for?

Separate to your site fees, you will need to pay for home insurances and utility charges including gas, water, electricity, sewerage and telecommunications.

Note: the homes will be fitted with a solar panel system, helping to reduce your electrical bills.

Am I eligible for rent assistance?

You could be. Centrelink provide rent assistance to eligible persons living in land lease communities. For more information on rental assistance visit

What happens if the community is sold?

In the event that Tallowood is purchased by another organization, your site agreement will be assigned to the new owner who will be bound by its terms and the Residential Land Lease Communities Act 2013 honoring all existing agreements.

Living At Tallowood

Are there rules to adhere to when living at Tallowood Resort?

Yes, our community rules have been carefully formulated and will be enforced by management to ensure all residents enjoy a safe, peaceful and harmonious lifestyle.

Do I have to be retired to live at Tallowood?

No. Plenty of residents are still working when they move to a land lease community.

Is there an onsite manager at Tallowood?

An onsite manager will be at Tallowood from the occupation of the first home and will be available to meet with residents by appointment.

Who is responsible for maintaining the gardens?

The operator maintains the community areas and street scapes. All landscaping on individual lots has been carefully themed and considered with each lot owner being responsible for maintenance within the fenced lot. Alterations to the landscaping theme are only permitted with the approval of management to ensure consistency.

Can I have visitors or guests at Tallowood?

Yes. Visitors are permitted to stay for up to a maximum of 30 days without the need to obtain consent from the operator. If your visitors stay in the resort longer than 30 days, a fee of $100 per fortnight is payable to the operator.

Can I have a pet?

Yes. A maximum of 2 pets per home is allowed. The keeping of pets is subject to further rules and responsibilities of the owner. Please refer to section 7 of the Community Rules.

How does parking work at Tallowood?

All vehicles belonging to residents or visitors must be parked in or on the driveway of the individual site. At no time are vehicles to be parked on or encroach upon community roads. Designated visitor car spaces are also available for your visitors to use.

Is there designated caravan and boat storage?

Yes. There are designated open and under-cover caravan and boat parking spaces available for long and short-term rental (fees apply).

How will I receive my mail?

Each resident will have an individual letterbox at the front of their home.

Will there be a residents committee?

Yes. The operator encourages residents to form a committee once stage 1 is occupied.

Building & Construction

Who is the builder of my home?

Valley Homes Pty Ltd has been appointed to construct Stage 1.

Does a guarantee or warranty come with my home?

Yes. All homes come with a six-year structural and two-year non-structural warranty. If you purchase a pre-loved home at Tallowood, the remaining warranties are transferred to you.

Are the homes single story?

Yes. All the homes at Tallowood are single storey and built on a concrete slab.

What works can I carry out on my site?

You must not attach any fixtures or make any renovations, repairs or alterations to the exterior of your home or site without the prior written consent of the operator. You must also comply with any applicable Council requirements and building laws.

Can I enclose the alfresco area?

Alfresco areas can be enclosed under the existing roofline subject to the approval of the operator and all materials complying with Council and other statutory requirements.

Can I add a garden shed to my home?

Garden sheds can be added to the rear of the lot and must not exceed a maximum floor area of 5 square meters, a maximum height of 1.8 meters and be the same color of the fences it adjoins.

Can I add a carport to my home?


Will the homes and common areas have disabled access?

Yes. Tallowood’s Clubhouse will be wheelchair accessible. Most homes can be modified to comply with disability access requirements.